Product: Victory Stone 'Natural'
Description: For a natural stone finish, this is the most subtle on the product line.

Product: Victory Stone 'Polished'
Description: A higher sheen version of the ‘Natural’. Great for modern and contemporary finishes, this product provides a smooth and polished surface, like marble.

Product : 'Mission One Coat'
Description:This is the coarsest product on the line, providing amazing ‘exposed aggregate’ finishes IN ONE COAT! Use of ‘Mission One-Coat 100% Acrylic Sealer’ keeps the product feeling natural and open, while providing great protection. (May be applied in 2 coats for dramatic old-world texture.)

Product: 'Mission One-Coat' Sealer
Description: Mission One Coat Sealer is a premium plus 100% acrylic enamel for interior and exterior surfaces. This top-of-the-line enamel provides block resistance with excellent scrub ability and durability. Provides a non-sheen finish, works best for Mission One-Coat applications.

Product: Vella Wax
Description: Vella Wax is penetrating sealer designed to create a protective seal and add a beautiful luster to Venetian Plasters. Available in Clear, Walnut or Mahogany.

Product: Victory Metallic Waxes
Description: Victory Metallic Waxes are designed to create specialized finishes over plaster products, adding beauty and a shimmering luster to the finished surface. Comes pre-mixed to one of the 9 offered pigments.