Here are some easily attainable finishes created with our products.

Description: A 2 coat system, 100% coverage on the topcoat. 2nd coat is trowelled as it sets to create a silky smooth finish. Can use ‘Natural’ or ‘Polished’ depending on the amount of sheen desired.

Old World Texture
Description: A 2 coat system, leaving random pockets of basecoat showing through as 2nd coat is applied. Dark wax is applied as sealer to create a drastic ‘Old World’ finish. May be applied after a coat of clear wax if more a more subtle contrast is desired. All products can be applied with this technique.

Color Mingle Marble Finish
Description: A simple mix of color on the topcoat (wet on wet) provides a great marble finish. Can be applied smooth or with texture, and with any mix of our plasters.

Striated Finish
Description: A 2 coat system, 100% coverage on the topcoat applied a little thicker than with ‘Modern/Contemporary finishes. Immediately after topcoat is applied and still wet, drag a Wallpaper Smoother Brush directly across finish. Can trowel as product sets for a smoother finish (pictured).

Patted Brush Texture Finish
Description: Similar technique as our ‘Striated Finish’, but using a heavy bristle brush to ‘pat’ through areas of topcoat in a random pattern.

Undulated Finish
Description: Add setting compound in equal measure to your pre-colored ‘Mission One-Coat’ and set your undulations in a random pattern. Apply one coat over the top, then sponge float as it sets. Seal with Mission One-Coat Sealer.

Exposed Aggregate Finish
Description: Using Mission One-Coat in a completely smooth ONE COAT application. Sponge float as it sets in order to bring out the aggregates, leaving a beautiful open-pored and grainy stone look. Seal with Mission One-Coat Sealer.

Metallic Finish
Description: Pre-mixed Metallic Wax is trowelled or sponged on as a 2nd coat of wax. Product must then be buffed after it is dry, unlike the 1st coat of wax that is buffed while wet. Works over all materials, but best to add luster and shine to our ‘Polished’ plaster.